Corporate Vision/Mission


We shall create a prosperous future together with our customers, by seeking their satisfaction.


We shall strive to be the world's best manufacturing company by providing high quality services to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.


  1. Progressive/ challenging spirit:
    We shall be appreciated by our customers by delivering quality products at reasonable price within the designated delivery due date.
  2. Visualization of work:
    We shall define both our role and our customers' role by establishing efficient work processes.
  3. Broader perspective:
    We shall be totally committed to performing our duty to the extent that each person can briefly explain the key points and values of their work.
  4. Pride:
    We shall keep challenging ourselves without fear of failure and always learn from failure.


METCO shall strive to accomplish each department’s objective with our full effort in order to achieve the FY2019 policy objectives.

<Sales Department>
Amid increasingly intensifying competition, it is important that the Muramoto Group companies shall cooperate with each other in order to achieve sustainable growth. In this regard, we need to increase the organizational strength of the sales departments within the entire Muramoto Group and establish and implement effective sales strategies. We shall promote each Group company and determine its role for each customer, ensure closer cooperation with other Group companies, and ensure that each company shall perform its role efficiently and effectively. We shall not only support the established areas of our business, but we shall also actively pursue new business fields and markets.

<Production Department>
We shall promote adoption of the ERP system in order to maintain and strengthen the system to deliver the required quantity of goods, with the best quality, at competitive cost, and within the delivery due date required by the customers. The ERP system shall eliminate waste and reduce risk by optimizing the overall workflow, including receipt and placement of orders, receipt of goods, manufacturing, shipment, and the settlement of accounts.

<Management Department>
We shall be a corporation that enhances added value by the whole Company through implementing “Information dissemination”, “Proposals” and “Improvement” as the key points of our internal control. Furthermore, we shall enhance the added value of our staff and make our business operation more effective by improving their “Competence” and “Skill” levels. We shall also eliminate waste and prevent problems from occurring by effective anticipation, and establish a cooperation system that integrates sales, production, operations, and management.

Forecast for 2019

In 2018, although the global economy, especially that of the US and Eurozone, seemed sluggish at the beginning, the overall economic level remained fairly high, and the global trade volume kept growing robustly. However, the emergence of some risk factors for an economic downturn, such as a rise in the long-term interest rate caused by monetary restraint in the US and Europe, a rise in crude oil prices, and more notably, the protectionist measures resulting from the US-China trade war, may lead to lower business confidence, eventually causing the entire global economy to slow down.

Due to such business environment, it is expected that our “automotive-related business” is better equipment business and office automation business, which are the core elements of our business, will not show a large growth in 2019; therefore, our business performance will remain at almost the same level as in 2018.

In 2019, we will be committed continuously to keep our accounts in the black by strengthening the internal management systems, reviewing and reducing costs, and focusing our corporate resources on improving quality.